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Want to live more well?  My Lifestyle Change is an inexpensive,
self managed, step by step healthy living program that is very easy to use.

My Lifestyle Change is not another prescriptive program.  You will not be told exactly what to do, what to eat and how to exercise.  Instead you will be provided with easy to understand evidence-based health information, skill sets and change strategies to improve your health and well-being, in your own time at your own pace, regardless of your adult age or gender.

This on-line healthy lifestyle program made easy was created by Lifestylecoach Angie Elliott, from 2 decades of knowledge and experience in the health industries.

It includes workbooks and tools for:  Behavioural Identification and Change Strategies – Relaxation and Stress Reduction Strategies – Healthy Nutrition That is Easy and Enjoyable – Ways to Increase Activity and Exercise.

Table of Contents Include:

  • General Health Welcome
  • My Lifestyle Now
  • Changing Behaviours
  • Stress Management
  • Thinking Habits
  • Take Ten
  • Posture
  • Water and Other Liquids
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Support Partner
  • My Top Three Lifestyle Changes
  • Developing Your Plan


Is your health worth investing $2.40 per day for four months ($290) to make healthy, achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes unique to you as an individual?

Passionate about Health

Compassionate about People

Inspiring Improved Health


Mission Statement:

To provide individuals with health information, tools and strategies to make healthy, achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes unique to them for now and their future.