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Lifestyle Coach


I help people feel good and live well.


My Services

My Client’s are unique individuals seeking solutions, support, education and coaching to make long term healthy changes in their life.  What I have to offer my client’s:  A wealth of Life and Corporate experience, over 20 years working with GPs and Pharmacists in relation to patient health matters, management & improvement, plus Formal Credentials in Counselling and Naturopathy, including advanced studies in Nutrition and Mindfulness.

What I help people with:

Stress – Feeling Down – Fatigue
Changing Habits Step by Step
General Health Matters
Healthy Nutrition Habits
Weight Management
Healthy Ageing
Preventing Disease

How we achieve this:

A holistic approach to wellness
with a strong emphasis on
education, mentoring and
motivating clients to live their
best life possible via lifestyle,
nutritional & mindfulness
changes are encouraged.
I Champion You

What this does for you:

Improve how you feel
Increase your energy
Prevent or reduce chronic disease risk
Help you to relax
Allow you to live your best life possible
Long term wellness
Health improvement
You Can Live Well

As your Lifestyle Coach I educate, mentor & motivate you

to live by the Lifestyle Coach 6 pillars for good health.




Healthy Nutrition

Quality Sleep

Exercise Daily

Healthy Friendships

Want to live more well?  My Lifestyle Change is an inexpensive,
self managed, step by step healthy living program that is very easy to use.

Healthy Living Made Easy

My Lifestyle Change is not another prescriptive program. 

You will not be told exactly what to do, what to eat or how to exercise. 

Instead you will provided with easy to understand evidence based health information, skill sets and change strategies to improve your health and well-being in your own time at your own pace regardless of your adult age or gender.


What could be different for you?

Passionate about Health

Compassionate about People

Inspiring Improved Health


Mission Statement:

To provide individuals with health information, tools and strategies to make healthy, achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes unique to them for now and their future.